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Become a TeachMe Interactive partner, you'll be putting your name to the best on topic content available.
Offer your members a special discount and make money for the group as well.

TeachMe Interactive Forum 10/10 Program

We offer Facebook Group and Forum Admins special 10% discount offers for members that are directly relevant to the group member interests as a value and benefit of being a member of their group. Plus Admins get a further 10% to help fund the group.

You get 10% and your members get 10%!

How does it work?

It's super easy.

Once we have agreed, we will give you a special link that tracks your members sales and pay the group admins back 10%. When you post about the special offer for members you simply include the link in the text. (Example post below).

We will also give you a unique coupon code for 10% discount off of any of the courses that you give to your members.

Here is some example wording for a Facebook Post to members:

Great news! we have negotiated a discount off courses to learn long range shooting/precision handloading. All our members get this unique 10% discount code off courses about your favorite sport here: Simply use the coupon code yourspecialcode at checkout to get 10% off. Use it now, limited time group offer.


In summary, with a partnership with TeachMe Interactive you have the opportunity to offer value to your members whilst getting value for the group admins.

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