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Become a TeachMe Interactive sponsor, you'll be putting your name to the best on topic content available.
Our courses are available as Online Courses, Books and eBooks.
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TeachMe Interactive Sponsor Program

We offer sponsors a unique way to engage their core target audiences.

How we are different:

Unlike traditional publishers, TeachMe Interactive set out from day one to offer compelling, deep, high-quality content across print, eBooks and video-orientated online training courses offering every demographic the ideal way to learn their favorite pastime.

Our users engage with, re-engage with, and reference our content and the brands within it for a very long time, returning again and again to refresh their skills and learn new ones. Our product audience is your core target audience.

The main difference between us and traditional media opportunities like print advertising is that our users spend many hours learning from our unbiased mobile friendly content.

We offer you access to your core audience whatever their prefered media, from Print Books to a younger minded rapidly growing audience who choose eBooks or the media rich experience of Online Courses. Whatever the age, demographic or geographic location each of our courses covers all bases.

Here are just some of our current sponsors:

Benefits to partners:

In summary, with a partnership with TeachMe Interactive you have the opportunity to exploit a new and powerful set of global channels where your brand is embedded into the mind of new users who are in your target audience.

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