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I would recommend this book to people that are looking to get into shooting. It will definitely help the new shooters with understanding, choosing and using their equipment. It is packed full with information about all that is shooting.

- Daman Pinson | Advanced Long Range Reloading & Shooting Techniques -

“I liked how Precision long range shooting and hunting covered everything from picking a rifle, to optic, then to more specifics like barrels, hand loads, MOA vs. MILS, I felt the book did a great job at touching on everything to make a new shooter think. We need the next generation of hunter/long range shooters to be well educated, I think this book did just that. This book has a wealth of good information, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into the sport!”

- Abe Friesen | Savage Stealth Precision Rifle Group -

“As an experienced shooter and competitor, along with being an instructor, I find a lot of the information in this book valuable to those looking to get into the long range disciplines. Although this book does not cover every topic in depth, what it does do is give the reader an excellent foundation to continue their research on the best way to pursue their long range interests. Reading this book will put interested beginners on the right path to knowing which questions to ask. This should be on the bookshelf of every beginning long range shooter.”

- Mike Rogan | K&M Precision Rifle Training -

"Let me open by stating my lack of qualifications. I might be an experienced hunter, but I'm not a great long-range shooter. Yet. However, with this manual under my arm, I do see some hope that I could become one. The good illustrations, step-by-step revelations, make this new shooter's manual from TeachMe Interactive an indispensable aid for those eager to double, triple or even quadruple their effective range."

- Paul McHugh, Outdoors writer and novelist. Author of the thriller, "The Blind Pool"

“I just finished Volumes 1 and 2 of the course.  I have been shooting for over 50 years and can’t thank you enough for the great material.  I really learned a lot.  Special kudos for the Optics, Ballistics, and Reading the Wind sections.  You did a great job of explaining these topics and, cleared up a number of misconceptions I have been carrying around for years.  I will go out of my way to recommend your course to anyone who will listen.”

- Steve Johnson (bought the Courses and Books)

“I found this easy to read for those of us who are unfamiliar with the sport. It is super informative and laid out so that when done, you have the total understanding and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.  The "takeaways" are a fun extra and allow for a fast memory recap of the prior topic. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!”

- Philip Bourgeois, Lifelong Hunter and CEO

"A truly comprehensive guide for anyone looking to get into long range shooting sports."

- Pete Myers, Precision MarksmanshipHQ

“The book is extremely well organized and laid out in order for your average beginner hunter to learn important and helpful information in a short amount of time.  The book puts together years of experience for the reader which will provide essential knowledge to the new sportsmen.”

- Jim Smith, 1st Choice Outfitters and former LEO

“A must read for the novice all the way to the professional. Whether you're just getting into long range shooting or a professional, this book needs to be a part of your library.”

- Billy Passmore, Anything Ruger and Guns for Fun

"Jon and his team have put an amazing amount of knowledge into this book without getting too technically advanced for new shooters. If you have been searching for a foothold of knowledge to begin this hobby, or just wanting to step up your game, then look no further."

- Nate Demiter, Long Range Shooters and Precision Marksman group

“A great read for not only the person wanting to venture into long range shooting but especially for the person who just wants to get into shooting from scratch. Well written. I wish I would have had this book 35 years ago when I got into shooting. It would have saved me a lot of hassle and greatly increased my learning curve. The book touches on everything you want to know and many other things you didn’t know you wanted to know. A very welcome addition to my Library.”

- Rodney Downs, Marksman Challenge, Match Director

“This guide is a fluff free, detailed and concise teaching aide which is offered in easy to understand bite sized portions. Quite brilliant and thoroughly recommended”

- Stewart Collingswood, CEO, Alba Game Fishing

“Precision long range shooting and hunting is a good starting point for the new shooter to get started in the sport of long range shooting. There is no secret to long range shooting just the fundamentals and a good setup, and trigger time. This book will get you going in the right direction.”

- Kurt Laughton, Extreme Range Shooting and Ballistics

“As a new entry into precision rifles and all things associated with them this book broke down all the things I needed into easy to use sections that helped me get a better understanding of techniques and equipment associated with the sport. It also helped in preparing me for precision rifle courses by laying down a foundation to work with at the range.”

- Allen Trevino, Ruger American & Team Texas Xtreme Shooters

It's wonderful to find information on long range shooting that wasn't aimed over my head. Being as I'm new to shooting, and never able to find enough time at the range I really think this course will help to establish a foundation that I can build some solid knowledge upon. And I think that it will actually help to make it easier to absorb and retain that knowledge more efficiently! I'm rapidly approaching the " geezer " phase of life so learning and retaining Info isn't very easy at this stage. So I loved the way the material was presented to make it more understandable!

- Ron Longmore, Ruger Precision Rifle Forum

Precision Long Range Shooting and Hunting (Vol 1 & 2) is an absolute must for any long range shooter. It covers it all, from basic requirements and definitions to arriving at complex shooting solutions for long range targets. It's written in a way that will peak the interest of the most inexperienced, as well as the experts. A valuable addition to any long range shooter's library!

- Jason PawPaw Ray, Long range 101: learning and perfecting the art

"Overall this seems like a one stop shop for a new or intermediate shooter. As an experienced shooter, I picked up a few tidbits of knowledge as well.”

- Ed Mobley, the 6.5 Guys

"I liked the format very much. The idea of learning in chunks is excellent. Especially when there is a lot of information. Recalling the subject matter becomes simple and is retained a lot longer. The course is written in such a way that those new to this would benefit greatly and for the advanced, it serves as a reminder. I recommend the two volume set on making the course complete. There are plenty of photos and are so well done that if there was no text, the photos themselves would suffice in attaining their goal. The course is concise, precise and sufficiently laid out that if this was all that was written about shooting and hunting, that would be enough! The videos was also a nice touch to make this course even better than what it is. I wish there more videos. Anybody coming across and taking this course would benefit no matter what the skill and knowledge level. I could write more about this program but I definitely would urge anyone to experience it for themselves. Nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Two thumbs up!"

- Ted Vavas (Online Course Customer)

If you are a novice to intermediate shooter, interested in expanding your knowledge for Hunting, PRS, Benchrest, ELR, etc., this is a great series to start with!"

- Tom Utterback

Anyone out there, wanting or yearning to learn more about, long range? Here is a straight forward series, that you do not need a Doctorate to understand, it is very informative that a shooter at any level can respect and relate too. What is nice about this series is that most civilians can understand It, because this is geared more for hunting and competition shooting versus military applications, which translates better to civilian range time and locking in the fundamentals and science for hunting at whatever range you hunt at, and possibly expanding that range a bit."

- Gabriel Farmer

"I just read these 2 books (Long range shooting and hunting, volumes 1 and 2), they are easy to follow and take a reader from basically zero knowledge about rifles, optics, gear and walk you through long range shooting, teaching new to the sport of precision shooting the correct terminology of all the components through to shooting positions , and cover m.o.a & mil, optics, rifle, cartridge selection, they are a good base for new shooters and a worthwhile read for experienced shooters."

- Darcy Potter

"I have acquired every Book on Long Range Shooting That I could find in my pursuit of knowledge on this subject, The Book set and online videos from John Gillespie Brown's site was by far the easiest for me to follow and comprehend Highly recommend these Books and learning site well worth the money Search Teach Me Interactive online for his course The books follow right along with the course and great for reference when finished"

- Paul R. Murphy (Amazon)

"You couldn't find a better guide to take you step-by-step through everything you need to know to perfect your long-range shooting. Gillespie-Brown's enthusiasm for the topic and confidence in the reader go hand-in-hand with detailed instructions, purchase advice, and explanations about what works and why based on his years of experience. The book is set out in clear chapters and suits all different kinds of learners with text, bullet points, graphics, pictures, numbers and a takeaway section at the end of each chapter. Highly recommended."

- Tricia Heald (Amazon)

"Absolutely amazing book; it discusses absolutely everything I wanted to know about, and much more. I recommend this book to anyone interested in long range shooting; I even have ordered copies for my sons already."

- Anon (Amazon)

"A great read for not only the person wanting to venture into long range shooting but especially for the person who just wants to get into shooting from scratch. Well written. I wish I would have had this book 35 years ago when I got into shooting. It would have saved me a lot of hassle and greatly increased my learning curve.
The book touches on everything you want to know and many other things you didn’t KNOW you wanted to know. A very welcome addition to my Library. Well done Jon! I look forward to the next book."

- R Downs (Amazon)

"I just finished Volumes 1 and 2 --Great material! Special kudos for the the Optics, Ballistics, and Reading the Wind sections. I have been shooting for over 50 years. Jon did a great job of presenting these topics and, in the process, cleared up a number of misconceptions I have been carrying around for years. Don't stop at Volume 1. Volume 2 does a great job of tying all of the material together. I recommend this series for "newbies" and experienced shooters alike."

- Steven A. Johnson (Amazon)

"Folks, if you want "the" book on long range shooting, this is the one !!! It's very well written and thorough. Even if you're not a long range shooter, you will learn things that will be helpful."

- Billy P (Amazon)

"A great start to get introduced to the basics of this ever growing discipline. Jon's step by step format with clear review principles is great for learning from scratch. There are other books out there that teach the same thing, from the ines I've read this one starts at the most basic level, not assuming any previous knowledge. If you're a beginner, I don't say this is a great place to start.."

- TroopThrowback (Amazon)

"A great collection of information to get the beginner started in the ART of L/R shooting. There are also lots of tips for the intermediate shooter as well. Jon does a great job of explaining and showing methods of shooting for all levels of shooters. This course is a must have for anyone interesting in attending a shooting school. Get the basics here and then continue your journey to advance your skills."

- JH17 (Amazon)

"This is a very good read with a lot of useful information for all levels of reloaders."

- Anon (Amazon)

"Well written, thorough guide for the aspiring rifleman."

- R. Drake (Amazon)

"A must read for the long range enthusiast"

- G Farmer (Amazon)

"Very well written, use as a reference frequently after reading from front to back"

- MDRS (Amazon)

"This is a great book for the novice or intermediate reloader, you can pick this book up knowing very little about reloading and get a good handle on what's needed and why. For the intermediate hand loader, this pulls everything together in a single easy to read place and will undoubtedly introduce you to some new concepts or knowledge. Each section has a bottom line directly after the more detailed text and is a great way to know if you are taking away the bread and butter or even better what the bread and butter is for each of the short sections. There is supposed to be some online video that goes along with the book but I have not looked at it, but it could only add to the book which is really pretty comprehensive in nature. One thing I did not care for was the size of the text, it was a bit on the small side for sure. I did like the small easily digestible sections for each topic."

- R. Morris (Amazon)

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