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“This guide is a fluff free, detailed and concise teaching aide which is offered in easy to understand bite sized portions. Quite brilliant and thoroughly recommended”

- Stewart Collingswood, CEO, Alba Game Fishing

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"I found this easy to read for those of us who are unfamiliar with the sport. It is super informative and laid out so that when done, you have the total understanding and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.  The "takeaways" are a fun extra and allow for a fast memory recap of the prior topic. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!"

- Philip Bourgeois, Lifelong Hunter and CEO

"Let me open by stating my lack of qualifications. I might be an experienced hunter, but I'm not a great long-range shooter. Yet. However, with this manual under my arm, I do see some hope that I could become one. The good illustrations, step-by-step revelations, make this new shooter's manual from TeachMe Interactive an indispensable aid for those eager to double, triple or even quadruple their effective range."

- Paul McHugh, Outdoors writer and novelist. Author of the thriller, "The Blind Pool"

"Precision long range shooting and hunting is a good starting point for the new shooter to get started in the sport of long range shooting. There is no secret to long range shooting just the fundamentals and a good setup, and trigger time. This book will get you going in the right direction."

- Kurt Laughton, Extreme Range Shooting and Ballistics

"As a new entry into precision rifles and all things associated with them this book broke down all the things I needed into easy to use sections that helped me get a better understanding of techniques and equipment associated with the sport. It also helped in preparing me for precision rifle courses by laying down a foundation to work with at the range."

- Allen Trevino, Ruger American & Team Texas Xtreme Shooters

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What makes TeachMe Interactive Courses special?

TeachMe Interactive produces high quality, in-depth, online courses to help you learn new skills quickly and easily.

We have packed these courses full of simple and informative videos, diagrams, illustrations and short punchy text so you can learn in your own way but absorb the materials in minutes – no need to wade through pages of useless information to get the insight you need, it’s right there a click or two away at all times.

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