Advertising Policy

Our advertising policy clear, fair and works for all parties

What’s our advertising policy?

TeachMe Interactive does not do paid product placement or write about products based on payment - we pride ourselves on our independent approach to teaching. We do fund the development of our courses from multiple revenue sources, including sponsors, sales from course content we create such as books, e-books, apps and online courses.

If we offer a sponsor in the material they will be marked via their logo and text associated with their positioning - we don't change our course to suit our sponsors, we offer them the opportunity to place their brand in our independent content. This is a win-win for everyone, the consumer gets a great and unbiased product and the sponsor gets to be associated with quality content that's not been compromised by advertizing dollars.

We charge for our courses vs. taking stealth advertising!

If we have products from manufacturers and suppliers we will use them and say what we think vs trying to promote them - If we like something we will say so and vice-versa. The only payment we take from outside advertisers is clearly marked as such e.g. in course sponsors where it's clear to you how their content is different from the learning process.

Trust is important to the way we teach and we want to be clear about our approach so you can rely on our coaching and help.

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